Kerry Katona’s Atomic Kitten feud explained and why Jenny Frost will never forgive them

From stamping on each others’ feet to Kerry Katona’s sweary rant about Natasha Hamilton, theres no love lost between the Atomic Kitten girls

Kerry Katona, Natasha Hamilton and Liz McClarnon have made no secret of the explosive Atomic Kitten feud that tore the band apart in 2018.

While tensions had always been fraught during their first incarnation between 1998 and 2001, their later-life reunion proved to be even more turbulent.

From fist fights and stamping on each others’ feet to Kerry launching an extraordinary rant against Natasha on stage, there’s no love lost between the ladies.

Kerry recently wrote in her New magazine column: “I remember some of the fight we had in Atomic Kitten back in the day. Once, Liz punched me from behind after we had a little row. I was furious and got my own back.

“I made her get changed in the toilets at SMTV Live, then I stamped on her feet while we were up on stage singing Whole Again.”

Kerry quit the group in 2001 after falling pregnant with husband Brian McFadden. Her departure came just days after the release of the band’s single, Whole Again, which ended up going to number one with a new video featuring her replacement, Jenny Frost.

Their dislike for each other was palpable, with Jenny once declaring she would ‘rather eat her own kidney with a spoon’ than work with Kerry.

And when the band talked about getting back together for ITV’s Big Reunion in 2013, Jenny made it clear there was no place for her rival.

“I don’t want to be derogatory about Kerry, but there shouldn’t be four of us in Atomic Kitten,” she said.

Kerry, however, had other ideas and blasted Jenny in her column for OK! magazine.

“The thing is, I was the founding member of the band,” she argued.

“I’m not going to get into a slanging match over the Kittens but Jenny got the opportunity of a lifetime when she took over from me.

“They were number one when she joined the band but it was my voice on the record.”

In the end, it was Kerry who was chosen to complete the line-up, sparking a permanent fall out between Jenny and the rest of the band.

Jenny told Closer magazine: “I’m not in contact with them any more, which I think is a real shame. But I didn’t like how things were handled with the reunion and Kerry replacing me.

“I won’t say too much, but I think it could have been managed better.”

Meanwhile, Kerry, Natasha and Liz continued to perform sporadically, but the proverbial once again hit the fan when Kerry allegedly organised a gig in India without her bandmates and branded Natasha a ‘toxic c***’ during a nightclub performance in 2018.

Soon after, she announced that she’d been kicked out of the group – a claim both Liz and Natasha disputed, arguing that they hadn’t even spoken to Kerry, who turns 40 today.

Since then, Liz and Natasha have continued as a two-piece – but as far as Kerry is concerned, she’ll always be the ‘most popular’ member of the band.

“It used to wind Tash up no end, but I was gobby, I was blonde with big boobs and I’d had a troubled upbringing, which made me relateable,” she said.

“It also didn’t hurt that I was married to a Westlifer!

“Granted, Liz and Tash had the voices – they’d be up on stage belting out Whole Again while I’d be humming along in the background.

“But my bubbly personality made that band what it is – no question!”