Inside Kylie Jenner’s $72m private jet with huge bed for long-haul naps

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who is worth millions, has her very own private jet, complete with a double bed she can sleep in while travelling

Kylie Jenner truly lives a life of luxury, complete with her very own private jet.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and make up mogul can fly around the world with her famous family and pals whenever she fancies it, thanks to her Kylie Air jet.

The plane reportedly set the 23-year-old back by a whopping $73 million.

But of course, that’s no huge expense for someone who was temporarily a billionaire.

Kylie, who shares daughter Stormi, two, with ex Travis Scott, even once had her jet repainted with the logo for her skincare brand Kylie Skin.

Inside, the jet is a picture of pure luxury and sophistication.

The leather seats look way more comfortable than the typical ones you’d find on a commercial plane.

There’s no such thing as cramped leg room and arguments over reclining seats in front of you on board Kylie’s plane.

The plan has around 10 seats on board, with plenty of room for Kylie’s besties to join her on her travels around the world.

And she’s not serving up your typical plane food.

With the tables folded down, posh tableware is laid out, ready for three-course meals to be served up for passengers.

Kylie’s plane also has a living area with a cosy looking sofa set up in front of a big screen TV.

And if things get a bit too much on a long-haul flight, Kylie can retreat to the bedroom.

While most of us are lucky to get a few minutes of shut eye sat upright in our plane seats, Kylie has a full-sized double bed to take a snooze in.

The bedroom is bigger than some people have in their homes.

As well as the bed, covered in cosy pillows and furry throw blankets, Kylie has a book shelf filled with her favourite reads and what appears to be an en suite bathroom.

The images were shared on Instagram by a Kardashian fan account, and people couldn’t get over it.

One suggested Stormi will soon be borrowing her mum’s jet to take her mates away on luxurious nights on.

They commented: “Stormi when she’s a teen: ‘mom can I use the jet this weekend, my friends and I wanna go to Paris for the night'”

Others suggested Kylie has too much money.

One wrote: “No one needs this amount of money in their life time.”

While another posted: “god I wanna be rich”

“This is so extra,” one person suggested.