Gordon Ramsay hits out at £19 fry-up complaints saying haters ‘can’t afford it’

Potty mouth TV chef Gordon Ramsay has said he swears by his £19 full English breakfast, admitting if he had to choose, it’d be the one meal he’d eat as his “last supper”

Gordon Ramsay has hit back at fans’ complaints that his fry-up is too expensive.

Celebrity chef Gordon, 54, told customers that a new fry-up would be joining the menu at his Savoy Grill restaurant.

The restaurant charges customers £19 for the brekkie which includes two eggs, one sausage, a few strips of bacon, one tomato and one mushroom, reports Daily Star.

But it didn’t take long for fans to criticise its steep price, and mock the professional chef by comparing it to their own fry-ups.

While some complained it was missing vital elements of a fry-up others said it cost too much.

But Gordon stands by the dish as he told Insider magazine he “strongly disagreed with the naysayers”.

“If you’re worried about the price you can’t f****** afford it!”

“I stand by it. I swear by it,” he said,

“And it is one meal that I would ever eat as a last supper.”

He continued: “It has to be a full English breakfast with extra baked beans. And you know what? If you’re worried about the price, you can’t f*****g afford it.”

This isn’t the first meal that fans have taken criticism with as many people accused him of “ruining” his chocolate brownie after he added “cat vomit”.

He shared a video of the pudding being constructed on his Twitter where he called it: “The perfect Sunday treat!”

While a few people, including his pal McGuinness, thought it looked delicious, a few fans disagreed.

Source: mirror.co.uk