Eden Project closed: Major incident as flooding causes landslides and site evacuated

The Eden Project in Cornwall is closed until further notice after heavy rainfall caused several landslides at the edges of the former quarry.

The Eden Project in Cornwall has been closed due to flooding and several landslides at the popular attraction.

Visitors have reported being turned away on arrival, with a source telling Cornwall Live the site had been evacuated due to the “major incident”.

Laura Gavasingha said she was turned away after a man came to them shouting to get to their cars.

She said: “We were turned away at about 9.45am.

“A man in his high-vis came down shouting at everyone to get back in their cars and that it was closing.

“I asked if they were flooded but he said there’d been a landslip.”

No buildings were damaged in the landslide

The Eden Project will remain shut until further notice. No one was injured in the flooding or by the landslides.

David Rowe, head of media relations at the Eden Project, told the Mirror: “High volumes of rain water has caused several land slips.

“It is a former quarry, so there have been several landslips on the edge of the site.

“We took the decision to close as a safety decision.

“There has been no injuries to anyone. We will advise when we will reopen.

“There is no indication (that the hot houses have been damaged.)”

On Twitter, Anna Louise Buzzard wrote: “Eden Project, are you going to tweet about the fact you’re closed today?

“As we just made the 45 minute trip and got turned away a quick tweet or email heads up would have been handy!”

Mark Lawrence was similarly disappointed.

He wrote online: “Glad no one was hurt, just have very upset boys who could not see santa today as were turned away at the main gates, esp after a 40 munite drive.”

The Eden Project was opened in 2001 and houses many tropical plants in its two domes.

Slightly more than one million people visited it in 2019.

People in Cornwall were forced to evacuate their homes in the middle of the night on Friday amid ferocious flooding that swamped roads and fields.

Rains hammered down onto large stretches of the west coast of the UK and the Midlands for much of Friday.

Eve, by Sue and Pete Hill, shaped from the soil

Source: mirror.co.uk