Katy Perry’s fans go wild for daughter Daisy after Orlando Bloom’s latest snap

Katy Perry’s fans have become quickly obsessed with her daughter Daisy and want to know everything about her as Orlando Bloom continues to update fans about their lives.

Katy Perry’s fans were buzzing with excitement over newborn Daisy after Orlando Bloom’s latest snap.

The dad-of-two posted his latest sweaty gym snap with his Instagram followers but they were insistent on seeing his baby girl.

In the photograph, a sweat patch in the shape of the heart had formed on Orlando’s top after his steamy workout.

Quickly fans turned their attention to his newest addition to the family.

Comments were flying in from fans who were keen to see a photograph of the high-profile celebrity’s baby.

Among the fans, one wrote: “And waiting for a daisy pic.”

Katy and Orlando have yet to share a picture of their daughter as fascination continues to grip their fans.

Others added: “WHERE’S DAISY’S PHOTO.”

“U r funny! .. Give my love to ur baby.”

“Send love to @katyperry and the little Daisy.”

“Daisy’s dad!!”

Already fans were left stunned when Katy showed her incredible slimmed-down post-baby body as she returned to American Idol filming.

Daisy was welcomed into the world recently and she’s the celebrity couple’s first daughter together.

Orlando already raises his son Flynn with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

In a recent video appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Orlando gushed their daughter Daisy had Katy’s blue eyes. He said: “The eyes do look like Katy’s. But it was funny, because when she first came out, I was like, ‘Oh, it’s me! It’s a mini-me!’

“And then, fortunately, she got those Katy blues, which was perfect.”

Source: mirror.co.uk