Lauren Goodger branded ’embarrassing’ as Mark Wright snubs her romantic throwbacks

Reality TV star Lauren Goodger faced a barrage of abuse after she shared a series of Towie throwbacks that included pictures of her cuddled up to her former fiance Mark Wright

Lauren Goodger has been bombarded with abuse from trolls after she shared a series of Towie throwbacks that included pictures of her cuddled up to her former fiance Mark Wright.

She failed to get a response on Mark, who is now married to actress Michelle Keegan, and she got a barrage of nasty messages from trolls who called her “embarrassing” and “disrespectful”.

The cast of the hit show have been celebrating its 10-year anniversary, getting back together for a reunion special.

Mark did not take part in the TV show, but Lauren, 33, decided against snubbing him from her celebratory Instagram post – sharing pictures of herself posing with the cast and with her former fiance before their split.

She wrote: “10 years ago changed my life we created a show called The only way is Essex.

“I was 22 when I first started filming and what an amazing journey this has been!!

“I put my life on national television and we won a BAFTA – not a lot people can say that ! You’ve seen me laugh, cry, engaged, break ups and make ups!

“I’ve grown up on the screens and it was all real! Congratulations to all the OGs @towie these images are from google thank you for memories and well to all my costars im proud of you all and always will be.”

However, she was targeted by trolls who slammed her for sharing images of herself with Mark, who she was with for 11 years as their romance played out on the show.

One wrote: “Why would you put pics with Mark and you together, when he’s now MARRIED! Total disrespect to his WIFE!”

Another added: “Mark is married. He’s had trouble from Lauren in the past causing grief with his relationship. Lauren’s disrespectful posting those pics.”

A third wrote: “This is embarrassing with pics of mark!”

However, many fans stepped up to defend Lauren, with one writing: “It’s part of the journey on the show… are we going to pretend it didn’t happen just because he’s married…it’s not disrespectful haha.”

Another added: “They’ll be loads of pictures of Michelle and her exes out there, you can change it.

“They loved each other, they were engaged. It was a massive part of the original Towie storyline. I’m sorry but you can’t erase that.”