Paris Hilton Shows Off Emerald CutDiamond Engagement Ring EngravedWith A ‘P’ For The 1st Time

Paris Hilton nearly blinded Ryan Seacrest with her massive diamond engagement ring, and told him about the ‘beautiful love story’ behind the giant stone.

Paris Hilton has had some stunning engagement rings over the years from her former fiances. But her latest from husband to be Carter Reum, 40, is absolutely magnificent. She gave fans a close up look at the huge emerald cut stone during a March 1 appearance on On Air with Ryan Seacrest. The 46-year-old host asked about the proposal, and Paris kept running her left hand through her long blonde locks. The sheer size of the massive bauble finally caused Ryan to stop and ask for a close up look at the ring, because it was “blinding” him and his co-host Sisanie on their remote video chat. You can see Paris show off her amazing engagement ring at 3:44 in the above video.

Paris put her left hand up to the camera to show a close up of the gorgeous main emerald cut center stone with more diamonds on the sides. “He did good. I’m so happy,” Paris gushed. She confirmed that it was designed by the L.A. based great-great-grandson of French jewelry legend Louis Cartier, who founded the namesake luxury jewelry brand in 1847.

“It’s emerald cut. It’s called ‘The Paris’ and he designed it with Jean Dousset,” Paris revealed. She further explained that the breathtaking ring was “inspired by the La Palette [café] in Paris. It has a beautiful love story and I’m so obsessed with it.”

Paris didn’t reveal how many carats the main stone was, though it has to been estimated to be 15 carats or more. She did describe how “it has like 15 diamonds going around and then inside it has a ‘P’ with a sapphire, so if you open it, it’s like a ‘P’” and took off the ring to try to show viewers what she was describing.

The 40-year-old isn’t simply basking in her engagement, as she’s already planning on becoming a 2021 bride. “I am over the moon. I am now going to marry the man of my dreams so I couldn’t be happier,” she gushed at the start of the interview, adding “We’re planning the wedding already. 2021 is going to be a huge year.” Paris and Carter began dating around April 2019, after having been friends for over 15 years. The romance started five months after Paris split from her actor-fiance Chris Zylka. She revealed in Jan. 2021 that the couple will be starting a family right away, as Paris has began undergoing in vitro fertilization in hopes of getting pregnant.