10 most beautiful cities in Italy

Incredible food, fantastic wine, unspoiled countryside and a string of beach resorts.

1. Rome

Rome is a city where you can taste the most stylish pizza in the world, taste the famous gelato, look at the Colosseum and a dozen luxurious basilicas, visit the most stylish boutiques in Europe. And yes, they almost forgot about the Vatican!

2. Milan

Milan is fashion, the famous La Scala opera house, the delicate Duomo cathedral and the Pirelli skyscraper. This amazing city is simultaneously one of the oldest cities in Italy and the largest business center.

3. Venice

St. Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace, the Bridge of Sighs and the Grand Canal – the sights of Venice we seem to have known since childhood. And all thanks to films and television. Just imagine that state of euphoria when you see everything live!

4. Genoa

The streets of medieval Genoa are often compared to spaghetti. They are just as narrow and winding. The main attraction of the city is the embankment, named after Christopher Columbus. Armed with gelato, you can admire the luxurious yachts and scenic fishing boats.

5. Palermo

Palermo is called the heart of Sicily. The symbol of the city is the Norman Palace – in the luxurious residence of the Sicilian kings. In addition to Palazzo Normanni, Palermo has a number of other historical sites, each of which deserves your attention.

6. Siena

Despite the fact that Siena is a major tourist center, there is no fuss at all. Even the usual leisurely stroll through the streets along the red clay brick houses will give you a lot of pleasure. After all, at every turn you will discover new facets of this Italian city.

7. Naples

Naples is a truly cozy coastal city. Although there are no beaches, the views from the shore are one of the most stunning in the entire world. It is especially charming at night when the Gulf of Naples is lit up with city lights.

8. Verona

Verona is the city of lovers. It is here that the events of Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” unfold. The Italians themselves call the city “Little Rome”. It is just as atmospheric and versatile.

9. Florence

Florence is a kind of museum city. Here you will find a huge number of magnificent architectural monuments. Uffizi Gallery, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Giotto’s bell tower. And this is just a small list of what you can enjoy in Florence.

10. Bologna

Bologna is home to the oldest universities in the world. Here you will find a system of medieval towers, luxurious palaces and palazzo, cozy squares. Be sure to try piadina in local trattorias, a thin flatbread filled with aromatic ham, prosciutto or salami filling.

Source: 8greatest.com