Scott Disick & Amelia Hamlin: The TruthAbout Their Relationship After They’reSpotted On Night Out

Scott Disick raised eyebrows by showing up at a Halloween party with 19-year-old Amelia Hamlin. We’ve got the truth on whether or not they’re a hot new couple.

Scott Disick has been seen with several beautiful women ever since his “for good” breakup with Sofia Richie, 22, in August 2020. But the 37-year-old turned heads when he arrived at a Halloween party on Oct. 31 in the same car as Amelia Hamlin. Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin‘s 19-year-old daughter seemed to be Scott’s type, as she’s young and from a famous family like Sofia. And she definitely came dressed to impress, as Amelia wore an edible candy bikini top and tiny purple lace shorts. But looks were deceiving as the two are NOT a couple.

“Scott is definitely not dating Amelia and he simply arrived to the party with a group of friends, both guys and girls, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Scott thinks she’s a sweet girl, but they’re not romantically involved whatsoever, and Amelia just happened to be one of the girls in the group and people speculated they were dating,” our insider continues.

Scott Disick dressed as ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective’ for Halloween night, where he hit up several parties. He arrived in the same car as Amelia Hamlin to the first costume bash of the evening. Photo credit: MEGA.

The two didn’t even hit up the night’s highlight party together, as Scott flew solo to Kendall Jenner‘s star-studded Halloween pre-25th birthday bash. “They left in different cars and went their separate ways after that party. Scott headed to Kendall’s birthday party, but he’s not sure where Amelia went from there.”

A second source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Scott and Amelia simply run in the same circles, and that the father of three isn’t even close pals with the teen. “They roll in the same cliques and have friends in common, but they aren’t dating and he doesn’t even really know her. Scott considers himself single,” the insider shares with us.

Amelia Hamlin dressed in a sexy candy girl costume for a 2020 Halloween party. She turned heads by arriving in the same car as Scott Disick. Photo credit: MEGA.
Scott and Amelia arriving together at the Halloween bash wasn’t even his biggest moment of the night. He ran into his ex Sofia at Kendall’s party where she was dressed as a super sexy Catwoman, but they both played it cool. “Scott and Sofia are both adults and it was fine that they coexisted at the party together. They were rarely together,” our source reveals. “They made pleasantries, but they went through their night and didn’t provide drama because the party was for fun and not about any issues they might have. It was a really fun time. They will all hang out together again. It is all good.”